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Fast, Affordable, Reliable Wireless Internet

We specialize in providing Broadband Internet to underserved rural and urban areas left behind by Telcos and Cable companies

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30-Day "No Regrets" Guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with our internet service, we will refund 100% of all money paid in the first 30 days of testing our service totally unconditionally.

Unlimited Data!

Our unlimited plans are truly unlimited and never traffic shaped, so your internet is always fast the entire month.

No Contracts!

We don't require contracts, ever. Once you experience we are certain you will never want to leave.

Local Hometown Support!

We know the struggle with big corporate ISP’s with frustratingly bad support. Rest assured, has you covered.

Faster Upload Speeds!

No more buffering when streaming, no more lag when gaming, Perfect for Zoom meetings! Plenty of bandwidth for the whole family!

Got Questions?

What is fixed wireless internet & how does it work?

Fixed wireless internet is a type of broadband internet service that uses radio signals to provide high-speed internet access to a fixed location, such as a home or business.

Here's a simplified explanation of how fixed wireless internet works:

1. A fixed wireless internet service provider installs a receiver or antenna on the rooftop of the user's building, which receives radio signals from a nearby tower or base station.

2. The radio signals are then converted into internet data and sent to a router or modem inside the building, allowing users to connect to the internet wirelessly.

3. The user's device, such as a computer or smartphone, sends requests for data to the router, which sends those requests to the service provider's network over the radio signal.

4. The service provider's network responds to the request by sending the requested data back to the router, which then delivers the data to the user's device.

Fixed wireless internet can provide upload & download speeds up to 100Mbps - 250Mbps, depending on the provider and the plan chosen.

Is it Fast?

Absolutely! In fact, what sets us apart from other internet providers is that all of our plans are fully symmetric. (Up to 100MBPS) which means your download speed will always match your upload speed! With faster upload speeds you can say goodbye to buffering, lag, and frozen zoom meetings!

How much is it?

Fair, honest, fast, high-tech, reliable, and safe is our goal in providing the best Internet value for your dollar. We may not be the cheapest or the fastest, but we aim to be the best overall experience and value.

Our plans range from $40.00/Month to $130/Month. Keep in mind, your price is dependent on the plans that are available in your area!

Do you require contracts?

Nope & never! You pay as you go!

Is it truly unlimited?

Yep! All of our plans are completely UNLIMITED!

What areas do you offer service?

We offer internet in places like:

Arbuckle, CA

Bangor, CA

Beale AFB, CA

Biggs, CA

Browns Valley, CA

Butte City, CA

Capay, CA

Colusa, CA

Dobbins, CA

Dunnigan, CA

Elverta, CA

Glenn, CA

Gridley, CA

Grimes, CA

Knights Landing, CA

Live Oak, CA

Marysville, CA

Mather, CA

Maxwell, CA

Meridian, CA

Nicolaus, CA

Olivehurst, CA

Oregon House, CA

Orland, CA

Penn Valley, CA

Pleasant Grove, CA

Princeton, CA

Rancho Cordova, CA

Richvale, CA

Rio Linda, CA

Rio Oso, CA

Rocklin, CA

Roseville, CA

Sacramento, CA

Smartsville, CA

Sutter, CA

West Sacramento, CA

Wheatland, CA

Williams, CA

Willows, CA

Woodland, CA

Yuba City, CA

Coverage Areas
How do I know if I can get service?

All you need to do is type your address in the form above, build your account & choose your plan, then expect a call from one of our scheduling agents to get you on the books for your FREE install! ($199 Value)

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